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1534 Coffee is a Proudly Indigenous Canadian brand that empowers local economies and celebrates the traditions of Indigenous People.

Every time you enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, you are investing in a positive future through diversification of local economies that benefit the social well-being of our people's culture and heritage.

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Buying 1534 Coffee is a meaningful step - TRUE RECONCILIATION

If you're looking to get a coffee machine, 1534 Coffee can offer machines that meet your office needs and significantly improve your coffee experience.


Health Benefits of Organic Coffee

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Lowers Risk of Brain Diseases

Coffee is able to lower the risks associated with Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Parkinson’s disease. A special protective gene in organic coffee called NRF2-ARE affects your nervous system by preventing oxidation to the neurons. As a result, the death of neurons against oxidative stress are preserved.

Lowers Risk of Gallstones

Coffee has phytonutrients that are able to lower the risk of gallstones. These phytonutrients encourage the production and flow of the bile, and stimulate the hormones that control the contraction and relaxation in the gallbladder. Sometimes, bile becomes congested and backs up in the bile ducts, causing pain to the gallbladder and liver that extends to your right side. Coffee can help the bile thin when this congestion occurs. However, consuming conventional coffee with pesticides can instead put strain on the gallbladder and liver.

Lowers Risk of Kidney Stone

Research shows that coffee is able to help counter chronic kidney disease and lower the risk of getting kidney stones.

Anti-Carcinogenic Effect

The antioxidants contained in coffee are capable of giving an anti-carcinogenic effect. They help prevent the body from colorectal, prostate, liver, and skin cancer.


Coffee has anti-inflammatory effects on the body. It has the ability to reduce inflammation in the body caused by diseases such as; arthritis, bursitis, or tendinitis. Coffee decreases inflammation by controlling blood glucose, lowering inflammatory markers, and regulating anti-inflammatory hormones.

Helps Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome occurs when a person has too much insulin or insulin resistance. It is a combination of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood glucose. It is directly correlated with blood sugar issues and insulin resistance and can be combated by the intake of organic coffee.

Helps Live Longer

Studies have proven that organic coffee reduces the likelihood of dying from all-cause, cancer-related, cardiovascular disease-related mortality.


Coffee is hepatoprotective because of its positive effect on the liver. It decreases the risk of getting a fatty liver while also lessening the complications caused by hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and liver cirrhosis.


Why Organic Coffee Matters

Our coffee beans are 100% organic. Organic coffee helps you live longer through its antioxidant and disease-preventing properties.

Naturally free of pesticides, organic coffee is better for your body because it lacks the many chemicals that are typically associated with conventional coffee.

In addition, organic coffee is better for the environment.

Benefits of Organic Coffee

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Did you know that..

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    Conventional Coffee

    • Conventional coffee is the most chemically treated crop in the world.

    • Farmers use up to 113 kg of chemicals for every acre of coffee crop.

    • A lot of the pesticides used in conventional farms are toxic in large amounts. Many coffee drinkers accumulate these chemicals in their bodies, resulting in illness or poor health in the long term.

    • Coffee farms that use pesticides and conventional means of farming tend to emit more carbon, contribute to greenhouse gases.

    • Conventional coffee farms tend to result in less diversified ecosystems. Monoculture farming also depletes the soil of its nutrients.
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    Organic Coffee

    • Organic coffee uses no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals.

    • Organic coffee is grown only with natural fertilizers including coffee pulp, chicken manure, and compost.

    • Organic coffee has been shown to be healthier because it is free of pesticides and chemical residues.

    • Organic farms help to combat climate change by emitting less carbon compared to conventional farms.

    • Our organic coffee is grown the natural way within the shade of forests. This helps to protect the natural environment allowing the native animals and plants to thrive.